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Take a break and catch up with some Foodie News, Reviews and Special Mentions from this week.

This week I’m going all over the world with products from the USA and Australia, an American review of Japanese Candy and German Lifestyle focused Special Mentions. Get click happy with the links below!

Products & News

  • Surprising Sources of Salt | I’d like to think I’ve got quite a decent well rounded notion of where you’ll find hidden salts and sugars. Of this list only one entry surprised me – crumpets. I’ve long known processed bread hides quite enough of it but I’d never mentally crossed the bridge over to the delightfulness that is crumpets. Did anything from this list surprise you? | The Guardian 
  • Pulsin Rebrand | You might have spotted a couple of reviews on this blog for Pulsin products under the Beond brand. Well its parent company is getting a major rebrand in celebration of its 10th anniversary. Have a bit of a nosey at the link! | Bakery Info
  • Philadelphia, USA Snacks | Lucky American consumers will now be able to get their hands on a ‘pre-portioned sweet treat’ of Philadelphia Cheesecake desserts and Bagel Chips with Cream Cheese Dips. I’d be super interested to try those out. Consider Germany next, Kraft Heinz? | FoodBev
  • Hot Cross Bun Kit Kat Bars in Australia | Ok, sorry folks. This is one I’m pretty sure most of us won’t be able to get our hands on. Love the thought of a Hot Cross Bun Kit Kat! C’mon Nestlé! Bring some innovation to our shores too please. | The Kitchn
  • Mary Berry Cakes | Fancy a look at the new range of cakes being released in a branding partnership with Mary Berry? Click the link and scroll to the bottom! There’s even a Banana Fudge Loaf in the mix! | BakeryInfo


  • Jamesons Raspberry Ruffles | Are you vegan and looking for some safe sweet treat inspiration? Make sure you add Erin of the Guilt Free Veggie to your reading list! Can you imagine a raspberry flavoured Bounty bar? Well you’ll love her review from earlier in the week! | Guilt Free Veggie
  • Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almonds | Being in Germany I’m quite used to seeing Ritter Sport wherever I go. The selection available can be a bit random but this is one I’ve tried myself and rather liked. Have a peek at Kev’s review and see what you think! It’s also worth noting this has been produced for the UK market as the packaging is in English! | Kev’s Snack Reviews
  • Japanese Screaming Intense Super Sour Plum Candy | Branching out, how do you feel about funky looking sour sweets from Japan? I’m not sure I’d be in the target demographic for a sugared sour pickled plum sweet but I’d definitely give it a go! There’s some fun looking packaging going on too, head over and check it out! | Sometimes Foodie

Special Mentions

  • 15 Random Things About Germany Which I Love | This is such a good list of things that are great about Germany, some of which you might not expect! | Live Work Germany
  • How to Convert Your Driving Licence to a German One | If you’re from outside of the EU, this might be something you need to investigate when moving to Germany! Take a look at this informative post at the jump | Move to Munich
  • Starting to think about Easter | When it comes to British Easter Eggs, it doesn’t get much better than an oversized Hotel Chocolat one – for me, anyway. Pictured below (L to R) I’m currently lusting after this beautiful Mint Hard-Boiled Easter Egg creation (£15) and squeeing at the cuteness that is the Caught On The Hop Slab (£8) and the sweet little Egg On Toast Lick (£1.95)

Easter Products at Hotel Chocolat

What’s on Next Week


  • Street Food Markt Dachau | Friday to Sunday, 20 different foodtrucks and street food artists will be in the parking area of InCenter Dachau | Street Food Dachau | Facebook Event Details | Kopernikusstraße 2, Dachau | Free Entry | 31st March – 2nd April, Friday & Saturday 12:00 – 22:00, Sunday 12:00 – 20:00


26th March, 2017
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