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Time for a Sunday catch up on this weeks foodie happenings, from 19th – 25th February 2017.

It’s Sunday – a day for lazing around in comfy pants and baggy shirts, drinking coffee and relaxing with a good browse of the internet. It’s the new version of the extra thick Sunday newspaper ritual. This is my collection of foodie things you might have missed on the internet this week, just grab a brew and click away!


  • Unilever rejected a take over bid by Kraft Heinz… Instead of pushing the bid, Kraft Heinz changed their minds! I’m of the opinion this is a good thing as whilst I still buy Kraft Heinz products, I’m still thoroughly irritated with Kraft’s treatment of Cadbury chocolate. What do you think? Happy that your favourite Ben & Jerry’s recipes are safe from the Cadbury’s reformulation treatment? | FoodBev | BBC News
  • Free Range Eggs arn’t quite as Free Range as we’d like right now. It’s a shame as I’d never choose to purchase a barn egg over free range, however given the circumstances I think it’s an understandable precaution. I feel for the farmers though, it must be so very disheartening to be under continual financial and welfare strains. | BBC News | Bakery and Snacks
  • Higgidy is getting a revamp! It’s a massive undertaking and I rather like the result. I think it’s a testament to the brand’s name and strength that they feel they can take an approach that isn’t overt in highlighting what they’re selling. The packaging looks unique but cohesive, as a collection of products they sit together well, look bright and interesting. | FDIN | Higgidy
  • New Vegan chocolate from German brand Ritter Sport. Coming in at an RRP of twice their normal price, the Dark Almond with Quinoa and Dark Whole Nut with Amaranth are the company’s first vegan products. Are you interested in seeing these in the UK market? | Confectionery News


  • UK KitKat Peanut Butter Bites – Is peanut butter your thing? Check out these reviews on the newest Peanut Butter chocolate product to hit the market! | Nibbles’n’Scribbles | A Review A Day
  • Guylian Chocolate Fruits – If you’ve ever bought something just because you felt like you should and not because you originally wanted to, this is for you! | One Treat at a Time
  • Beond Organic Apple Cinnamon Bar – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this near Munich and this review has just tempted me to hunt it down! | Pinkiebag
  • Ben & Jerry’s Oat of this Swirled – This ice cream from America sounds just perfect: “Buttery Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Fudge Flakes & Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookie Swirls” – Oaty cookies are the most underrated pile of brown sugar deliciousness. Added to ice cream? Got to be a winner! | The Impulsive BuyBen & Jerry | TheGoodSnackz | Tyler2106
  • The award for ‘Oreo I most wish I was eating’ goes to the Jelly Donut edition. Out in America later this year. Jelly much? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) | Candy Hunting

Upcoming Events

  • Don’t Forget! Tuesday 28th February is Pancake Day! Alright, it might be known as Shrove Tuesday really but in my heart it is always Pancake Day. The question isn’t “are we having pancakes?”, the question is what kind of pancakes! English, American, other? Have a look through these gorgeous pictures for some inspiration! | FoodGawker
  • 3rd March: Living near Munich? Do you love a bit of streetfood? From burgers to crêpes, coffee to Ethiopean and Flammkuchen to Korean. The first Friday of every month is Streetfood Friday. The list can change right up until the event, so make sure to check back with their social media pages for info! | Facebook | Website 
26th February, 2017
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