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Welcome to the Sunday Catch Up. It’s a weekly round up of all the interesting bits of food news and reviews from the week just gone. Grab a brew and take a look!

Products & News

  • British Bread Prices Increase | I’m sure when I get back to the UK in about 11 days, I’m going to have some sort of “How much?” / “I can’t believe the price of this!” meltdown in the middle of Waitrose. (I know, not the best place to go if you’re gonna watch the cost of everything!) But if there’s less quality grain to mill down, it only makes sense the base cost goes up. Supply and demand! | Bakery Info
  • New Mikado in the UK | Did you realise Glico Mikado is released by Mondelez over here? I certainly didn’t! Then again, the only Glico products I’ve been buying have come directly from the Asian shop and they have zero English language text on them. For those that like a bit of salt with their chocolate, this might be one for you! | Food Bev
  • Tea Boosts Creativity | In a tiny study, it seemed that black tea helped boost creative and cognitive ability. Make of that what you will! I’ll go make myself a brew… maybe it’ll help my blogging ability! | Country Living
  • Ferrero Buy Nestlé’s US Confectionery | Ferrero gets its hands on around 20 brands with this purchase, taking over Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and Nerds. That’s a heck of a lot of well known gains the Italian company is getting! | New Food Magazine
  • Ruby KitKat | With exclusive rights for the next six months, Nestlé are the first mass manufacturers to hit the ground running with the new ruby chocolate – a naturally pink, berry toned chocolate that doesn’t rely on extraneous flavourings. | National Post


  • Leibniz Knusper Snack | The sharp eyed amongst you will have realised instantly that this is a review of a German Leibniz cookie. Many cookies, actually – but they’re covered in peanuts and caramel. Oddly, it’s something I’ve still not tried yet! Have a peek and see what you think. | New Treats
  • Chocolate Orange Popcorn | I like popcorn – if you ever catch me in the cinema, I’ll have a tub of half sweet, half salty. Before the trailers have even finished, it’ll be half empty and I’ll somehow have a piece lodged on the inside of my clothing. And no, I’ve never any clue how it gets there. Stop being rude! The thing is, I’m not really into coated popcorn. I prefer it a little more natural looking and powder flavoured. What about you guys? Got a favourite? | Nibbles ‘n’ Scribbles
  • Beech’s Chocolate Truffles | Beech’s are from Preston. Preston is in Lancashire. I’m from Lancashire and I like Beech’s creams and so… have a look at their chocolate truffles! (I mean, should there be a better reason than that?) | She Eats

Special Mentions

  • Is there anything less appetising than Britain’s food snobbery? | I think the sentiment has some merit here – “foodiness” in the UK feels to be seen as a preserve of the wealthy, rather than something that can be appreciated by all. I wonder whether that divide is exacerbated by the notion that British food is bad? Our ‘traditional’ dishes have been mocked to death for decades, which must impact perception at home. Braised beef, shepherds pie and offcut stews with pastry dumplings aren’t popular or fashionable. They’re that murky brown colour that doesn’t appeal to the rainbow unicorn Instagram crowd and despite the thrifty nature of traditional British meals, they’re shunned for more vibrant imports. We’ve been trained to pour disdain on our own food past – whether it’s tripe in the north, eels in London or cold ox tongue sandwich meat. Our schools don’t regularly teach food technology and the skills needed to make the dishes of our grandparents. How many people are afraid of pastry (thanks, Mary’s soggy bottom!) and find themselves clueless on how to put a meal together? How many people feel that to cook you need to have a good income? British kitchens have become increasingly disconnected from seasonality and the skills needed to cook from scratch. |
  • When you can (and can’t) eat carbs for dinner | This starts off with a picture of sad looking tinned spaghetti sat next to barely toasted and unhappy bread. Caption? “Pasta vs Toast, which can you have?” – My answer to this is both, just please not the stuff that’s in the picture. Following on from the subject above, good toast is not a preserve of the wealthy… it just means being able to actually get the bread toasted. I’ll put my order in for a massive dish of pasta to go with some butter oozing garlic bread. Wait a second, do you think I’ve missed the point of this article? | BBC Health
  • 10 Lancashire Pubs You Must Visit in 2018 | There’s something inside me that rebels at the notion anyone “must” do anything. That being said, there are some real beauties on this list and I’m hoping to get myself over to The Inn at Whitewell in the fairer months. I’ve been once for a wedding, when I was far too young to remember much about it, other than it’s in a beautiful location. | Travel Begins at 40
21st January, 2018
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  • Reply Claire Thomas, She Eats

    Thanks for including my review. I agree about Beech’s creams. I love an old school chocolate cream 😍

    21st January, 2018 at 10:54 am
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      You’re very welcome! 🙂 I think I’ll forever have a soft spot for coffee creams. I was gutted when they left the old Quality Street / Roses mix!

      21st January, 2018 at 12:38 pm

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