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Time for the weekly Sunday round up on food news, reviews, special mentions and upcoming events!

Products & News

  • Pret A Manger Ups Vegetarian Offer | As a trial, the ever popular sandwich shop will be trialing vegetarian-only fridges in 250 stores. There’ll be monthly vegetarian and vegan specials too… | Bakery Info
  • But Watch Out For Hidden Calories in Pret’s Salads! | Shockingly, the dressing isn’t included in the in-store calorie count… | Telegraph
  • Whitworths Shots | Mixing fruits, nuts and natural flavourings, these 25g snack packs come in four flavour variants. Of course, there’s a salted caramel (who doesn’t do that now?) but there’s also a chilli, a salsa and a smoke option. Do any of these appeal to you? | Bakery Info
  • Sacla Pesto Pots | Now this isn’t ‘fun’ or ‘sexy’ food news, but it’s also a way overdue product variant. If you’re only ever cooking for two, it’s such a pain that pesto comes in a large jar. I often end up staring at it in the fridge, begrudgingly making something I don’t really want to eat, just to use it up. Now I won’t have to! | Talking Retail
  • New Pip & Nut Flavours | Good news for nut butter lovers everywhere! Of the massive FOUR new flavours, I’m most interested in the Honey Almond Butter. The good news doesn’t stop there, as the Crunchy Maple Peanut Limited Edition will no longer be a Limited Edition after all. Three cheers for more tasty nut butter products hitting the shelves! | FDIN
  • British Quark Revival | Quark is incredibly common in Germany, used in all sorts of delicious things. (And if you’ve read the guest post from 40 Percent German, you’ll know it also gets recommended for a whole host of non-edible related reasons). It seems that Britain’s love for the product is returning, with new fruity varieties hitting the UK market. | Food Bev
  • EU Rules Against Vegan Dairy Names | The European Court of Justice has ruled that purely plant-based products can’t be labelled as “milk”, “cream”, “butter”, “cheese” or “yogurt”… There may be changes ahead. Have a read! | Just Food


  • Caramel M&M’s | They’ve been out in America for a little while and I’ve mentioned them here before – but this time, it’s a Brit doing the reviewing. I’ve seen fair to middling reviews so far, but all have been from an American point of view. How will a British palate find them? | Nibbles ‘n’ Scribbles
  • Maple & Hazelnut Scofflets | These hit my Reviews recap this week as I’m a fan of Maple syrup flavours and my most recent “I can’t have it but I want to try it” snack item has been Canadian Maple Marshmallows. With that duly noted, you might well as “What’s a scofflet?”. Hint: They contain chocolate… | Kev’s Snack Reviews
  • Cappuccino Freddo | Being British and having grown up with cheap fun Cadbury products, I will always associate Freddo with the little frog shaped chocolates of my childhood. Starbucks, unsurprisingly though, is using it as the Italian word for cold. So this is a Cold Cappuccino. I’m not surprised they looked for another way to market it. Check out Cinabar’s thoughts on the drink over at… | Foodstuff Finds
  • Breakfast by Bella | Reviewing a selection of breakfast products, I’ve got to say the Peanut Butter Me Up caught my eye and I loved the breakfast suggestion for serving it. If I can’t get your interest with that, how about granola on soup? Oh yes, check it out at the jump! | Maverick Baking
  • Coconut Butterfinger Cups | You might be familiar with the Butterfinger brand, though it isn’t usually available to the UK market unless you’re hitting up an import store. This treat, however, has been made for the UK… | Lot-o-Choc

Special Mentions

  • No “Back Home” – Munich | Emma shares a touching and probably all too familiar situation an expat family faces… Questioning where home really is and the impact it has on the little ones in the family. Expats in particular, don’t miss this post. | A Bavarian Sojourn
  • Live Work Germany’s Weekly Digest | Whilst I like a mostly food related round up, if you’re interested in German life and associated news, you should be following Produced weekly, this round up will point you in the direction of things you’ll be wanting to hear about! | Live Work Germany
  • Munich Considers Banning Diesel Cars from City Centre | Despite being situated in the ever lovely Bavaria, Munich’s centre has an air pollution problem. In some sections, the problem is so bad that the average nitrogen dioxide level is double the EU limit. Curious? Concerned? Want to know more? | The Local
  • Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Turkey Rolls| Jo has me missing sausage rolls from the UK at the moment, with these gorgeous looking Turkey Mince based picnic perfect pastries. Minced turkey isn’t something I’ve found to be available in Germany, so unless I make my own I’ll be needing to bookmark this recipe for when I get home! | Jo’s Kitchen Larder

What’s on Next Week


  • Birmingham – Foodies Festival | There’s Candice Brown (a Great British Bake Off winner) and Michelin starred Chefs to see… from street food to afternoon tea, you can buy from local producers and listen to live music to name a few things going on at this festival. | Foodies Festival | Cannon Hills Park, 566 Pershore Road, Birmingham, B29 7EN | 23rd & 24th June, 11am – 7pm and 25th June, 11am – 6pm | Tickets Required
  • Manchester – Festa Italiana | By all accounts this sounds like a small festival, but I’ve got a soft spot for Manchester and wanted to share it. Organised by Salvi’s of the Corn Exchange, there’ll be an Italian food market, music and demonstrations along with a dedicated Limoncello bar and Prosecco bar. Have a read over at the Facebook page! | Festa ItalianaCathedral Gardens, Manchester | 23rd, 24th & 25th June, 11am – 11pm | Free Entry


  • Tollwood | The Tollwood Summer Festival is back at the Olympia Park, presenting concerts and theatre performances (though you’ll need tickets!), alongside markets full of handcrafted items and plenty of international foods. | Tollwood Sommerfestival | Olympiapark Süd, Munich | 21st June – 16th July | Market: Free Entry / Events: Ticket Required
18th June, 2017
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