Etc: Sunday Catch Up, 10th September – 16th September 2017

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Catch up on the week that was with a weekly clickable link list!

Products & News

  • Lotus Biscoff Crumble | Oh alright, that’s a bit unfair of me… this one isn’t for you… (yet). But! Lotus have introduced a Biscoff “Crumble” pack for the catering trade, which is essentially just a whole bunch of broken biscuits. But if it encourages new Biscoffy developments that might hit a local cafe or coffee shop? I’m all for it! | Bakery Info
  • Stoats Expands | I’m a huge fan of the Apple and Cinnamon Porridge Oat bars. They were always in my work drawer and very tasty, so I’m really pleased to see the company opening a new factory. I hope it bodes well for continued availability and *fingers crossed*, new product flavours! | Food Manufacture
  • Crunchy Almond Butter Chocolate | New from Doisy & Dam, a 40% cocoa chocolate bar with crunchy almond butter. It’s limited edition, so if you see it… you know the drill! | FDIN
  • RSPCA Assured Milk | Marks and Spencer has announced that it’s sourcing all its non-organic milk from RSPCA Assured farms – which is great! Only I’m wondering whether that will apply to milk used within manufactured products as well… | Food Bev
  • Japan has a Coffee Flavoured Coca-Cola | I’m just not sure this should be a thing. Opinions? | Metro


  • Achachas Fruit | Kev’s been reducing his sugar intake… and that’s led to some interesting fruity choices popping up on his blog. I’ve never even heard of these before! What do you think? | Kev’s Snack Reviews
  • Werther’s Pumpkin Spice Soft Caramels | Another from America, this is a product I posted in my “Autumn Watch” section a few weeks ago. This is the review! I’m quite glad to read them, actually – as though they sound good, I don’t feel like I’m missing out. | The Impulsive Buy
  • Jacobs Roast Beef Cracker Crisps | Now this is not a flavour that appeals to me in the slightest – but after reading the review I could be sorely tempted to give them a try! | A Review A Day
  • Spekulatius Ritter Sport | So this is a massive cheat by me, but I’m pretty excited to have found the new winter 2017 Ritter Sport bars already – and if my Twitter feed is anything to go by, others haven’t had the same luck! Which means yes, I’m including one of my own reviews in this section (for the first time!) | Eat Explore Etc
  • Pizza “Food Truck” Pringles | And as I’m sharing my own reviews with you guys, why not continue the theme with one you might have missed! A mini Twitter review of the new German ‘Food Truck’ themed Pringles… Hint: It’s not great. | Eat Explore Etc @ Twitter

Special Mentions

  • All Star Lanes Manchester | I’ve heard of this place and it’s been on my mental “maybe I should go eat there” list for ages. Being Bavaria bound, of course I haven’t had the chance… but I do like the review and it’s always handy to have a good look at the kind of food they serve. What burger places would you recommend in the North West? | Elsa Eats
  • Confusing the Germans | The “Chips with Everything” section had me giggling. I’ve often wondered what would happen if I ordered chips with my krustenbraten… it seems like the perfect combination! Lots of rich gravy, deliciously tender pork and crispy, hot, gravy drenched chips. Check out the way the meal was delivered! If that doesn’t say “I disapprove”, nothing will. | 40 Percent German
  • German Rice Pudding | When I’ve had the store bought rice pudding here in German, the grains still had an awful lot of ‘crunch’ to them. Exceedingly undercooked, I think I described it as. With this recipe, making it yourself, that could easily be avoided! I’m putting this recipe to one side for when I’m back in the UK. | Dirndl Kitchen
  • Food is Not Just Food When You’re an Expat | I’m with Amanda on this one – food is a memory, a time and a place. It’s a thing you did, something you said, something you felt… it brings back memories like very little else. Ice cream will always remind me of my brother, Party Rings, Iced Gems and Raspberry Buns my Nan. Just have a think – I’m sure you’ve got a couple of good foodie memories in there too. | Turning Dutch
17th September, 2017
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