Cannabis Krapfen? Not Quite!

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Cannabis Krapfen from Riedmair, Bavarian Doughnuts |

During Fasching, the Riedmair bakery offers a “Krapfen Der Woche” – or doughnut of the week. You might say the choice for this week stands out a little…

Doughnuts of the week at this bakery include names such as “Golden Kiss” and “Heisse Liebe” but the one available from the 23rd January is called “Cannabis”. As I walked past the poster advert the first time I had to stop and do a double take. I was a bit confused to say the least!

After doing a little Googling, it seems this variety has been around for a few years during Fasching and is filled with a ‘fine cream of hemp nuts’ (if Google Translate is to be believed!) and topped with green leaf decoration. Thinking about it though, it does make a sort of sense – as the carnival season is filled with masked balls and costume parties, these doughnuts fit right in with a little bit of light hearted deception of their own.

That being said, I can’t offer a review of this weeks special – despite being as much a doughnut lover as I am, I can’t say it appealed to me enough considering just how full I’d gotten earlier in the day on a bag of mini doughnuts from Rischart. More on those to come soon!

28th January, 2017
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