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12 Best Knife Set Under $100 for Kitchen [2024 Reviews]

Best Knife Set Under $100

To help you find the most suitable kitchen knife set that meets your requirements, we’ve consulted reviews from real clients who have bought and used the knives themselves. They’re available for purchase on Amazon. Suppose you’re looking for an affordable set or in search of a change. These top-selling sets have close to perfect scores and rave reviews explaining why they’re great.

12 Best Kitchen Knife Set Under 100 Dollars [2024 Reviews]

1. Cuisinart C77SS-15PK Block Set [Best Rated]

The sleek set of 15 knives contains the essentials and any additional variations you’ll need. As with Cuisinart’s Chicago Cutlery set, Cuisinart constructed these knives with stainless steel with high carbon and featured precision tapered blades.

Steel handles that are ergonomically designed and have strong bolsters help keep the knife balanced and shield fingers. This set of tools comes with six knives for steak, kitchen shears, and steel for sharpening.

A note to make: Although the set descriptions claim they are safe for dishwashers, the reviews strongly suggest the opposite. If you choose to purchase this best kitchen knife set under 100 , Cuisinart Hollow Blocks, be sure you wash your blades to prevent rust and stains.

2. Cuisinart C77SS-17P Knife Block Set

The Cuisinart Set of 17-knife block is exquisitely created with a lovely mix of various shades. The layout is stunning as well.

These knives’ handles are safe to hold. The bolsters are angled in the handles of each knife, which is an excellent feature for any knife owner.

The bolsters are designed to protect you from unwanted accidents while cutting vegetables or flesh. The set can help you complete all your kitchen chores efficiently.

Blades on these knives are constructed of stainless steel that is heavy and durable. This Best Knife Set Under $100 is a well-known fact that stainless steel is very resistant to corrosion.

The next step is to consider the knife’s handle, and you’re not required to apply any pressure on the handle. The handles are safe to use.

They have handles of medium size that can be used with almost all sizes of hands. This best knife set under 100 is a significant feature to think about.

These knives are easy to hold, and these knives are becoming very popular with new buyers. Additionally, it is inexpensive to purchase. It has therefore become a top choice for purchasers.

3. Cangshan V2 Series 1022520 Knife Block Set

This set contains the perfect amount of knives to be used by a typical family. The knives are all made from the highest quality German Steel with a high level of carbon, making them tough and durable.

With a hardness score of Rockwell Hardness Scale is 58 +/- 2. it is undoubtedly one of the sharpest sets within the cost range.

In this best knife block set under 100 dollars, you’ll get an 8-inch chef’s knife, an apron-sharp knife, a bread knife, a santoku knife, and a solid block for your knife.

The block is made out of Acacia wood and features a distinctive grain that is sure to improve the appearance of your kitchen. Furthermore, the handle has a unique angle bolster design that’s comfortable to hold.

4. Cuisinart C77TR-15P Knife Block Set [Best Steak Knife Set Under $100]

This Cuisinart deal is ideal for those seeking the most affordable knives. It comes with a set of 15 pieces that includes 12 kitchen shears knives, along with sharpening and welding steel.

What differentiates these knives is their handle’s elegant and curvy shape, mixing a stainless steel blade with a plastic handle in the three rivet pattern.

You receive a chef’s knife, bread knife, knife to slice, pairing, santoku, and utility knife. You also receive six steak knives.

The knife has some cons, as the block isn’t waterproof, but it’s beautiful in the Cuisinart manner. The knives come with complete plastic handles and are available only in black.

If you’re looking for a fashionable well-crafted knife kit priced at an affordable cost and quality, this best knife block set under 100 is worth a look. A lifetime guarantee backs it.

5. Chicago Cutlery 18 Piece Forged Premium Knife Block Set [Best Forged Knife Set Under 100]

If you’re looking to achieve some major cooking needs, a set such as this one with 18 pieces includes every kind of knife needed to cook any dish.

Every knife is made from stainless steel, has a soft-grip handle, and is placed in an unfinished pine wood block that you can place on your counter.

Many reviewers have said that the blades are incredibly sharp and that no matter how soiled or wet after cooking, it is possible to maintain a desirable grip on the knives.

The set includes eight steak knives as well as an 8-inch slicer. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. this best knife set for under 100 is a must-have.

6. Cookit 15 Piece Knife Sets with Block [Best Dishwasher Safe Knife Set Under 100]

The knives included in Cookit’s 15-piece knife set are of excellent quality, made of German stainless steel, which is both corrosion and rust-proof and easy to keep clean.

I appreciate that the knives are made using a single piece of steel with triple-riveted full-tang handles. The short version is that these knives are sturdy.

The handles are incredibly stylish, but they might be too thin for large hands. In terms of quality and design, the handles are superb. I’m surprised at the high-end quality and craftsmanship in such a budget knife set.

Another thing I like about this set of knives is the block for knives. It has a beautiful design, and the best part is that it’s entirely vertical. This isn’t common. However, I’ve found that the upright design helps keep the footprint of the countertop pretty small.

The set comes with lots of accessories that include a chef’s knife and a slicing blade of similar length and a bread knife, and even the Santoku.

These best knife block set under 100 are all standard features in a set of knives this size, the paring and utility knives, and a honing rod and scissors. I don’t need six steak knives. However, they’re helping to keep.

Although none of them can match the standard of professional-grade single knives, they’re pretty close. The santoku knife has hollow-ground indentations for reducing drag. This is quite impressive. My only issue is it’s shorter in length.

The bottom line is that Cookit knife sets are a great choice at the cost. Additionally, Cookit is so confident in the quality of their products that they stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee. I really love this best chef knife set under 100.

7. Home Hero 17 pcs Kitchen Knife Set [Best Butcher Block Knife Set Under 100]

This Best Knife Set Under $100 of stainless steel knives available on Amazon is, without doubt, the most value for money. The collection includes 13 knives, including six steak knives and two knives: bread, chef, carving, utility, cheese, paring, and a pizza knife. You also get a sharpener for your knife and a pair of scissors and a peeler.

8. OOU 8 Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set

This is another knife set that has a fantastic design. This set of eight knives is produced by OOU, the acronym Origin Of Utopia. In my opinion, this knife set appears more expensive than it is.

The knives are housed in a stunning wooden knife block. The steel used in the full-tang knives has a distinct dark appearance.

It is high-carbon stainless steel, and every knife is coated with an Oxidation-based surface that has created an oxide layer of black to provide an additional degree of corrosion and rust protection.

The edges of the blade can be sharpened at a 16-degree angle, which is very sharp for a Western-style knife. The majority of western-style french and german knives are angled at about 20 degrees, so you’ll have a very sharp edge with these knives.

Every knife comes with an ebony wood handle and three rivets. There isn’t a bolster. However, the look is high-end. The set contains five knives and should meet most of your requirements.

Additionally, there are two pairs of scissors and a small pull-through sharpener for knives with a fine and coarse choice of grit.

It is a stunning knife set, with an attractive wooden block that the handles of the knifepoint in a vertical direction.

The ebony handles offer an elegant look as well as the black oxide coating on each knife is practical and elegant. This is a fantastic knife set for people looking to add a bit of a style piece to your kitchen and possessing a collection of top quality and rigid knives priced under $100.

9. Cuisinart C77WTR-15P Knife Set

This is a classic white knife set. It is made of stainless steel and carbon of the highest quality, perfect for kitchen equipment. It includes 15 knives at less than $100.

Each knife comes with an edge that is razor-sharp and has been sharpened, with edges sporting the solid bolster to provide control and the ability to hold.

The knife set also comes with the knife block to make it easy for storage. It comprises the chef’s knife, cutting knife and a santoku knife. The utility knife and a paring knife. An ice-cream knife, a bird’ s-beak Paring knife sharpener, steel, and all-purpose shears.

This set also includes an exquisite knife block. With their powerful blades, these knives can slice through any material. They are then fine-tuned to give a lovely sharp edge to glide the components. This Best Knife Set Under $100 comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

10. Mercer Culinary Millennia 5-Piece Magnetic Board Set Knife Block

It’s a bit disappointing in terms of quantity. Considering I mentioned that we should strive for five knives at a minimum. However, the magnetic woodblock can make a difference.

The knife set includes ergonomic handles made of Santoprene to provide comfort and polypropylene to ensure durability. This Best Knife Set Under $100 also comes with an all-tang design for the longest-lasting durability.

I suggest this best japanese knife set under 100 if the size is not a problem for you. You appreciate high-end Japanese top-quality materials and manufacturing, especially the distinctive design of the santoku knife, which is a major draw for this premium knife set.

11. McCook MC29 Knife Set [Best Dishwasher Safe Knife Set Under 100]

The knives are made from high-quality stainless steel that is high in carbon. They are non-rust and tarnish-resistant.

They feature a unique taper grind edge that provides the highest level of clarity. They also have an ergonomic grip.

The shears come with an aluminium handle that is advertised to be multi-use. The serrated utility knife is an excellent addition to the set.

They are not made to be dishwasher-safe and should be cleaned and dried with a hand. They’re advertised as rust and tarnish-resistant. However, they must be adequately maintained. Otherwise, they’ll rust, as certain users have stated.

The built-in sharpener will save you some time and helps keep your knives perfectly sharp throughout the day. You just need to run the knife through the sharpener a few times before storing it.

12. Amazon Basics 18 Piece Premium Kitchen Knife Block Set

It’s a staggering amount of knives at a bargain price when purchasing the 18-Piece AmazonBasics Knife Block Set. However, it isn’t the best of Best Knife Set Under $100.

In many ways, the set reminds me of the knives found in the drawers in the vacation rental house. It’s not as easy to use as the other sets I’ve tested.

However, they accomplish the task. As an experienced chef, I’d get a bit crazy with these knives in the normal, and this set could be perfect for those who don’t cook a lot.

The set comes with seven knives (an 8-inch chef’s knives, a 7-inch Santoku knife and the 3.5-inch paring knife, as well as the 8-inch bread knife with serrated blade, a 5.5-inch utility knife and a 6-inch boning knife and an 8-inch slicing knife), including a honing steel kitchen shears set and eight steak knives and a massive, wooden block.

How To Choose The Best Knife Set Under $100?

When you decide on the ideal knife set to use in your kitchen, you’re required to get all the details about the features and materials that could determine your selection. Finding the most practical knife set is a difficult task rather than just buying one knife.

You are required to consider the sharpness of the blade and the durability of the handle, but you also have to ensure that the cost for the set of knives is within your budget.

Below are some essential factors you need to take into consideration when selecting the Best Knife Set Under $100


Even though the knife sets featured in the review are all priced under $100, you don’t have to set it as your budget’s maximum. Because we’re all a bit different, you’re free to make any budget.

It is possible to take advantage of deals that are less than $50, like the Cuisinart C77TR-15P, or you can even pick premium sets with just some knives but with a price increase, such as the three-piece Victorinox Fibrox Pro. It’s your choice here.

How Many Knives

Do not invest your money in the set if you aren’t sure how to use more than three or four knives. It is possible to purchase a knife set that is smaller and nice for the lowest price. You can try this best 3 piece knife set under 100 on Amazon.

Most people choose the chef’s knife to tackle their everyday chores. However, the set that includes at the very least five knives is deemed an acceptable standard when looking for a knife set.

Set Size

This one is personal to you and is unique to various people. It is essential to understand your cooking style and the number of knives you believe are ideal for you.

If you aren’t cooking as often and you don’t cook often, then a set of around five knives will meet your kitchen’s needs and is a good choice, mainly if it’s the first time you’ve purchased.

If, however, your knife-related skills are more advanced, you can opt for an entire set of 10-plus knives like the Emojoy 15-piece. Also, if you’re in the market for a whole set for some reason and can afford it, consider it.

Build And Design

You will be able to locate a top-quality knife set made of ceramic and stainless steel. But, if you want robust blades that maintain their sharpness for longer periods, it is recommended to think about stainless steel knives you can purchase.

When handling knives, you must ensure that your handle knife is made from high-quality materials.

Block Or No Block

A knife block set can simplify your job more simple. There’s no need to think about space. Suppose you don’t have enough space to store your collection of knives. You can easily store these knives in a small pouch or magnetic strips.

Blade Material

It can be challenging to pick the right knife set as the knives are offered with various blades, including stainless steel with high carbon stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel, and ceramic. This can make the customers on how to select the most suitable of them.

There exists a term that will help you locate the ideal and most affordable knife. It is “stainless steel”.

Stainless steel is an excellent material for knives’ blades. It is very robust and lasts for a long existence.

The stainless steel used in the production of knives isn’t wholly stain-proof. However, it does prevent knives’ blades from staining and rusting.

A knife made of stainless steel has more than 10% chrome, which prevents the blade from sustaining erosion, wear, and corrosion.

Handle Material & Shape

Knife handles are made of many different materials, such as wood, plastic and stainless steel, and composite. Costlier knives usually have distinct and distinctive handles, making this an individual choice.

Types of Knives

You’ve probably seen that all knives aren’t alike. This is due to the specialization that arose from the gradual development of knives through time.

Different shapes and sizes of knives are more efficient in certain tasks, making them into special knives that have led to the purchase of knives in sets, meaning you can pick different kinds. The following are the most well-known knives.

* Chef Knife.

They are top-rated knives that measure six to fourteen inches long. The blade is typically bent from the handle to the tip, and it can be used for a variety of tasks.

* Utility/Paring Knife.

This is a shorter variant of the chef’s knife. They may have serrated or straight blades. Blades can range between 2 and 4 inches. They’re great to peel fruits, vegetables, and other similar tasks.

* Serrated Long Blade.

Also called the bread knife with a serrated blade, the long blade allows you to cut through bread’s hard crust and inside easily and without creating a massive mess.

* Others.

Apart from the three main knife types, there are various other kinds such as boning knives, the cutting blade, the filleting knife and the Santoku knife, which performs similar tasks to a chef’s knife.

Storage & Accessories

Some knives come with a storage system, and some do not. The majority of sets include a block composed of wood, plastic, or another material.

It’s up to you to ensure you’ve got a good storage system or have other storage options. There are many fascinating blocks and other knife storage solutions available that include magnetic wall hangers, for example.

Dishwasher secure

If you go through the various knife sets available, Many claims to be safe for use in a dishwasher. That’s nothing to question that.

Be aware. However, there is always some risk when you use dishwashers. Based upon the degree of sensitivity and abrasion resistance product and the craftsmanship, there may be a small possibility of harm to the handle or blade if you decide to use it.

This is because certain materials do not react well to the hot water of dishwashers, which soak the objects for a long time and can cause the bending and rusting of metallics or damage to wood.

Therefore, I would suggest hand washing your knives regardless of whether they’re dishwasher safe or not.

If you are concerned that this will be a problem for you, you should make sure you choose dishwasher safe ones as you’re less likely to sustain the destruction of the knives.

A little detergent and wiping down with a damp cloth and a rinse in the sink until it is finished will be enough to wash the knives quickly and efficiently.

How To Care For Your Knives? Your Best Knife Set Under $100?

If you’re using knives for cooking, it is also necessary to take care of them. This is why it is believed essential to sharpen knives, cleanly maintain them and keep them in a safe place regardless of whether they’re stainless steel or ceramic knives.

Cleaning Knives

Many manufacturers suggest cleaning your knives using the dishwasher, but we do not recommend you use these methods if you want your knife to remain in the top state.

The best way is to wash your knives using hot water and detergent. Dry your knives using the aid of the help of a tea towel.

Sharpening Knives

A knife that has razor-sharp blades is the best. Poor knives will require more power to cut to the point of breaking, which could increase the chance of sliding your hands and cause injuries. So, make sure to sharpen your most essential knives often.

Conclusion [Best Knife Set Under $100]

Knives are the most valuable tools for chefs to cut, chop, or grind their food items with beautiful, durable cuts. If you conduct an extensive study, you can purchase the finest knife set for less than $100.

I recommend that you buy the Cuisinart and the Mater Maison line for their top quality, value-for-money, ergonomic design, and lifetime guarantee.

You can buy one of these and see the difference in its performance from other models that have rusted within a few years. This is a low-cost option and within your budget to last long.

FAQs: Best Knife Sets Under $100

What should a quality kitchen knife set you back?

The cost of a knife set starts at $20 but can rise to $3000 or higher. It would help if you didn’t have to slice and break your arm or leg to purchase your knives. You can buy a Best Knife Set Under $100.

What is high-carbon stainless steel?

Steel with high carbon has been treated to retain more carbon making it highly durable and resistant. High carbon steel is 1.5 per cent carbon, compared to 0.6 per cent in normal steel.

What should I be looking for when purchasing a knife set?

The first thing you should be looking for in an apron set is the best material used to make the blade. If stainless steel is the material, it should contain a minimum of 10.5 per cent chromium and a little carbon for the best durability and sharpness. Other considerations include the design, the material used, and how many pieces are in the set.

What are the most essential three knives in the kitchen?

Three knives essential to be included in every kitchen collection at home are the perfect chef’s knife, an excellent serrated knife, and a reliable paring knife.

Are knives worth the price?

Some knife sets are not worth the money unless you are aware of or plan to learn to operate each knife. The majority of people do not know how to utilize more than three or four kinds of knives properly. Professional chefs. However, master each knife to maximize the use of this set.

What is the best knife set for under 100? You can read this article again, back to top!.

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