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Baked Apple (Bratapfel) Porridge |

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A limited Winter edition of MyMuesli’s N’oats range of microwavable porridge. Whilst some of the main flavours are available in supermarkets, to find this one you’ll need to head to a MyMuesli store.

Unlike similar products in the UK, this is presented in a chunky cylindrical tube with an easily replaceable plastic lid. No single serve packets here! You’ve got to scoop and weigh it yourself – But if you happen to have some American Measuring Cups, I found a breakfast sized portion for me was about a 1/3 Cup size, with two 1/3 Cups of milk. Porridge can be quite divisive though and I do prefer mine on the thicker side.

According to the packet, this is ‘Organic – Vegan – High Fibre – Ready in 3 Minutes’, and that the “soft N’oats flakes are finely ground”. No argument from me! Their plain porridge is a breakfast staple – it’s smooth and creamy, with no gum stabbing husks that can be found in cheaper brands (yay for my gums!).

Unlike other products in the N’oats range, this one very helpfully includes English language translation on the packaging and contains raisins (8%), chopped almonds, dried apple pieces (8%), cinnamon and cloves. As you might guess from the colour of the porridge in the photograph, MyMuesli arn’t afraid of going heavy on the spices. The warm cinnamon really comes through and though I initially found the tiny little bits of chopped almond off putting (I don’t expect crunchy things in a porridge, as a rule) after a few bowlfuls I’d gotten used to it but I can’t say that I noticed it adding much of anything to the flavour.

In the end, I enjoyed this best by adding two or three chopped dried dates (for sweetness) and a couple of pieces of chopped crystalised ginger. Whilst I normally eat my porridge without any added sugar, the spices of the Baked Apple N’oats made me want to add some. Dates were my work around. At €5.90 for 400g it seems expensive but at 10 portions from one tub, I don’t think 59 cents is overpriced. Next Winter, I think I’ll give the Vanilla Crescents flavour a chance!

1st February, 2017
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