About Me

Hello! Welcome to my little bit of the blog world!

I’m a thirty-something *ahem* food and snack explorer from Lancashire, on a temporary adventure to Bavaria! I really enjoy digging in to new foods, trying out limited edition items and discovering new food loves. This visit to a new country, with its own unique food customs, cultures and snacks seemed like the perfect push into contributing to a blog world I love to follow.

Eating is something we have to do, every day – and I think it should never be boring. Food, from junk food and treats to proper home made, created from scratch meals, can be really interesting and exciting. I wanted to share some of these foodie experiences with like-minded foodie lovin’ snack hunters like myself!

I’m also going to be sharing some of my experiences of living in the Munich area. Things that are good to know, places to visit and where, importantly, to find British and American foods – those home comforts that we might be missing.

So here I am, sharing food related discoveries and more! It’s a little bit of a snack review and recipe blog, a little bit of a travel blog and a little bit of a ‘Living near Munich’ blog. You’ll find posts running from snack reviews to recipes, from being a tourist and places to visit, to things that are good to know about living in Bavaria.

Discovering Munich, Bavarian Germany and beyond, accompanied by my snack habit, very understanding husband and utterly demanding cat.

Why not pop over and say hello? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions however you like best – comments, direct messages or email! 🙂

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Hope to see you here again soon! 🙂

Linds x

20th January, 2017